PReCoM's final contribution to the research project Media Clusters Brussels is released

As part of the research project Media Clusters Brussels, the PReCoM team (Sabri Derinöz and Geoffroy Patriarche) has just released its final report on « Understanding the roles of communities of practice in the media industry: the case of media workers in the Brussels-Capitel Region ». This report sheds light on who the CoP participants are, what domains they engage in, what the companies’ approaches toward CoPs are, and what the participants seek and learn in these kinds of shared learning initiatives. This report is the third and final deliverable of Work Package 6 on “Media workers as communities of practice”, which is handled by PReCoM as part of Media Clusters Brussels. MCB is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research project funded by Innoviris and involving three Brussels universities: VUB, ULB and Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. The aim of the project was to analyse the many facets of the media industry in the Brussels-Capital Region and explore the development of media clusters. More information on