24th DiscourseNet Conference: Discourse and Communication as Propaganda


Because of the Corona pandemic, The 24th Discoursnet Conference on Discourse and Communication as Propaganda has been postponed on September 7th-9th, 2020, and will be organized exclusively ONLINE.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to visit the DiscourseNet website in order to update your information about the participation modalities and the registration fee.

This conference is organized by Engage, with the support of ReSiC (ULB) and DESIRE (VUB). The theme of this conference is "Discourse and communication as propaganda - digital and multimodal forms of activism, persuasion and disinformation across ideologies".


Call for Papers:

This conference provides a forum for researchers who seek to analyze, challenge, and (re)think the concept and the practice of propaganda in the light of contemporary forms of discourse and communication across the ideological spectrum. Authors are invited to examine the relationship between concepts such as propaganda, ideology, hegemony and discourse in today’s digital environments.

The conference welcomes papers that rethink notions of propaganda and activism in relation to key concepts in discourse studies. Such concepts include power, subjectivity, reflexivity, critique, identity, context, language use and multimodal communication. Papers may also focus on the ethical problems that come with propagandistic activities. For instance, what does propaganda mean for notions such as knowledge, political correctness, freedom of speech or critical awareness? 

We welcome contributions that focus on the multimodal propaganda strategies and material (text, images, video, digital content, digital education, algorithms, Virtual Reality) of states, political parties, and corporate actors. Contributions focusing on the communicative activities of social movements, think tanks, algorithms, advertising agencies, social media and public relations counselors are welcome as well. All abstracts fitting one or more of the following themes will be considered and we leave ample space for contributions that may not be that easy to classify):

  • Theme 1: Conceptual and methodological issues for studying activism and propaganda 
  • Theme 2: Historical and contemporary transformations in activism and/or propaganda 
  • Theme 3: Democratic and anti-democratic modes of discourse, communication and ideology
  • Theme 4: Digital and multimodal forms of activism, persuasion and disinformation 
  • Theme 5: Transdisciplinary dialogues on discourse and communication as propaganda and/or activism

As the field of discourse studies is inherently transdisciplinary, authors from disciplines as varied as communication science, psychology, sociology, philosophy, literature, media studies and linguistics are welcome. Likewise, we seek to provide a forum for all methodological and theoretical orientations provided that the authors connect with the themes outlined in this call for papers. 

A more complete version of tis CfP can be found on the conference website:  www.discourseanalysis.net/en/DN24 .



  • Deadline for abstract submission: December 16th, 2019

Please submit your 250 word abstracts on the conference registration website on www.dn24.sciencesconf.org

  • Notification of acceptance for abstracts: January 27th  2020
  • Deadline for payment of registration fees: April 1, 2020

The registration fee includes (a) catering costs for coffee breaks and lunches for the duration of the conference and (b) a mandatory one-year subscription to DiscourseNet worth €30 which allows you to participate in DiscourseNet events.

Fee for people who are not yet paying members of the DN Association when they pay the conference fee for DN24 in 2020:

        - Regular rate: 100 euros

        - Reduced rate (for participants without institutional funding only): 80 euros

Paying members of the DN Association (who have payed there association membership fee of thirty euros separately in 2020) enjoy the following discounts:

        - Regular fee: 70 euros

       - Reduced fee (for participants without institutional funding only): 50 euros

Payment instructions will be published after the abstract acceptance notice (after January 27, 2020).


Practical information:

Jan Zienkowski is head of  the organizational committee of the 24th DiscourseNet conference. You will find all the practical information on the event's website: www.discourseanalysis.net/en/DN24 You can also consult the full CfP as an attachment (below). For any questions regarding the conference, please contact discoursenet24@gmail.com.

Lundi, septembre 7, 2020 - 08:30 to Mercredi, septembre 9, 2020 - 18:00